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I’m a small Non-Profit, I have reached out to my reps and to support for help for the last seven days. They will not respond after having 10 tickets created about my ongoing issue that should have been corrected in the on-boarding process. I have asked for help and it appear like Asana does not care about its customers.

Welcome, @Dominique_A_Lucien, and sorry to hear about this.

It can take a couple of days, and this time of year they might be short-staffed.

But note that it’s key to wait for a reply after you submit your request; what could be happening is that you’re landing at the bottom of the queue if you update a support email thread to ask about progress.



Thanks Larry for your response. I have not sent additional emails or asked for updates. The 1st ticket was placed on 12/8. I have not received a response nor have I had my account updates. Unfortunately, I don’t have anymore days to wait for them to contact me. I have began to explore other options.

Sorry to hear that, @Dominique_A_Lucien, and apologies for raising that.

If you could possibly escalate, @Forum-team or @Hella, that would be great!



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Hello @Dominique_A_Lucien and my apologies for the experience so far. My colleague Ceri has just emailed you with a path toward solution. I hope this helps!


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