Asana for nonprofits application - how to follow up on status

Hi there, no one has followed up with me in over a week on the non-profit for Asana application that I filled out and have confirmation of. Is there someone specific that I should reach out to rather than general Asana support?

Hi @Isaac_Gonzalez ,

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My assumption is that they are still processing the requests in order.

Have you tried already contacting support for this one? They should be able to point you in t right direction and they are always very responsive.

Make sure you share the details of your application so that they can help you out on the first answer already.


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Hi @Isaac_Gonzalez, thanks for reaching out.

As mentioned by Rosario, our Nonprofit team are working through the requests in the order they are received. Apologies the delay here!

I’ve flagged your request to the Nonprofit team internally so someone should be in touch with you soon :slight_smile:

thanks @Rebecca_McGrath . I created a support ticket but still haven’t heard back so hopefully will soon. Does it usually take this long to hear back from someone? Many thanks, Isaac

Hi @Isaac_Gonzalez, our Nonprofit team has confirmed that they have reached out to you by email. You can continue the conversation with the team there :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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