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Hello everyone. We are on a paid plan through July 2024. Asana has downgraded our plan, mistakenly, and is not responding to my support tickets. I have been creating a new ticket every-day for two weeks now, nobody has said a word to me. I feel super disappointed and frustrated in the customer service, especially since we have already PAID through July 2024.

Does anyone have any tips? This is affecting our operations and each time our executive director asks for an update, I have nothing to offer them. This has been a really disappointing experience. Any guidance would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Every time you create a new ticket, you go at the bottom of the list. So by doing this you basically shot yourself in the foot…

My advice: wait and you’ll get an answer. It can take up to a week sometimes depending on your plan and seats.

Hi @Vanessa_V,

I can confirm that our team has received of your emails. Your request is with our Finance team right now; they will get back to you as soon as possible, but I would refrain from sending more emails as it will only push back your request to the back of the queue.

I took a quick look at your account on my end, and I can see a paid account active on one of your organization. I suspect that you may be logged in the free organiszation instead of the paid one. Here is a link to your My Tasks in the paid org, can you check if you can access paid features from there?

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