How can I create headings in subtasks?

what about ios?


Since Tab+N doesn’t create a subtask heading unless the subtask area is focused, it should at least delete the first empty subtask when a heading is created.

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This is very frustrating for me. Why would you get rid of the : short cut?

That saved me time, and also allowed me to easily cut and past Asana projects from meeting notes, by adding : for the headers.

Now I have to go in and do that manually for no discernible reason. Asana needs more functionality, not less.


I totally agree with this comment!


Agreed, this is one of the asinine changes I’ve ever seen a piece of software take. The end-of-line-colon method was super intuitive, and great when you stumble across it. Nobody is going to stumble across a keyboard shortcut like Tab+N.

Bizzare step backwards


On top of that, people coming from todo apps like Todoist are used to creating headings this way. I get offering the option to use a keybind, but can’t that be in addition the colon method?


I also want the colon back. I can’t remember that shortcut, and as I try to fumble my way through various version of [key] + N to find the right shortcut, I keep opening new tabs, new incognito windows, entering symbols, etc. I never, ever can remember that it’s TAB+N. I know the colon can be frustrating when you want to actually insert a colon and instead it auto creates a section, but it was WAY easier and less frustration overall than this TAB+N “shortcut.”


I’d like to know this as well since an iPad is my primary home device right now. Would really be helpful to be able to do this.

Been using Asana for 5+ years…gave this “tab + n” shortcut a chance for the past few months. It is honestly terrible and should be removed.

“tab” is not an acceptable modifier key!

Here are 3 better suggestions:



I agree. This is terrible. I can never remember what the shortcut is and have to constantly search for this article which keeps fuelling my anger at how stupid this update is.


The “tab+n” shortcut also seems to remove the ability to import subtask headings from CSV, whereas before adding " : " after the subtask name would allow the subtask to render as a heading.

Is there any way to create headings in subtasks using the CSV importer now that this update has been rolled out?

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Has this been solved? Can’t seem to use Tab + N on Windows. Just does nothing. Bring back ‘:’ - was so simple.

This was one of the worst updates by Asana. It is so easy to forget how to make a header… what was wrong with simply typing ‘:’… u should put more on page tips… like ability to right click and insert header if u don’t want to do the ‘:’… Please be more careful with ur updates… this has been annoying to every single user on our account and we use it daily.


So Asana never addressed this? Can I just add that this change is one of the most annoying and frustrating things Asana have done. I can no longer copy and paste subtasks and headers from one project to another. It really does cause a lot of unnecessary editing and deleting. Put it back how it was please.


I agree…if you are typing the name of the section name it was so easy to just type the colon. I have no idea why they are making it harder to use their system.


I’m so confused. I’m looking at the Business Plan Template - and there is a section Company description, under that section there is a task that says “executive summary” then there is a header (not a separate section) that titles the subtasks. The header says Details to Include then is followed by the subtasks.

How do I make a header within one section

Go to the top-level task’s detail pane, put your cursor on the subtask above where you want the subtask section, then hit Tab-N. That will create a new subtask section underneath where your cursor was, and you can then type in its name.

Note that you MUST be in a task’s detail pane for this to work; if you hit Tab-N in a project’s List view, it will create a new full project section which is not what you’re wanting here.

Just want to point out this related thread:

Not sure if these should be combined or not…



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It would help if we can sort by sections, not just by subtask only.
Imagine you want to pur Subsection 2 before Subsection 1 you should drag all its subtasks.