Organising Template Subtasks

Hey all,

I’m struggling to find the functionality that allows us to add headings to our subtasks on a task / task template.

There’s an example task ‘Blogs’ in ‘Editorial Calendar’ the subtasks of that example are grouped into categories with a title for example:
first draft
social copy

then the next grouping of subtasks are under

first review
final review

For the life of me I cannot find how to create the headings. The + sign to create a new subtask is there but nowhere indicates how to create a heading …

Please advise

Hi @Akua_Gyamfi , it’s a hidden secret!
Hit Tab+N on your keyboard! :wink:

See also this:

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Hmmm thank you. I’m using a Mac. So I think that Tab on a PC is the same as Command on a Mac.

I tried Command + N but it opens a new browser page
I also tried Option + N just in case and it just creates a symbol.

I go to subtasks click on it … still nothing

screenshot because I’m not great at explaining …

Thank you so much for replying so swiftly


Isn’t the Tab key above the Caps lock key on Macs? :thinking:

Click on any subtask and then hit tab+N

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