Sections with Sub headings.

I’m using the product roadmap template. I like the layout but how do you get the sub tasks to show without a check? In the image I’m providing the section is Duplicate me then there is the How to duplicate this task: which is bold and serves more as a sub header. then the sub tasks follow below that need to be checked. My question is how do I insert more sub headings like the How to duplicate this task and leave out the completion box. I can’t find this anywhere.


Welcome, @Kate_Franzen_Petry,

You’re not alone! That feature is not visible; you need to know the secret, which I wrote about in a Forum Leader Tip:




The secret feature :grin:

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Thank you. That’s exactly the response I was hoping for. Why on earth would this be an undocumented ‘secret’ feature as it is very useful.