How can I create headings in subtasks?


I used to just end the heading text with a colon “:” and it would automatically create a heading in either projects or subtasks. This doesn’t appear to work anymore after the change to use the new button to create headings in projects. The button works great at the project level, but not at the subtask level. How can I create headings in my subtasks going forward?


Hi Adam,

The way to create a section within subtasks is now to use the Tab+N keyboard combination. See:


what about ios?

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Since Tab+N doesn’t create a subtask heading unless the subtask area is focused, it should at least delete the first empty subtask when a heading is created.


This is very frustrating for me. Why would you get rid of the : short cut?

That saved me time, and also allowed me to easily cut and past Asana projects from meeting notes, by adding : for the headers.

Now I have to go in and do that manually for no discernible reason. Asana needs more functionality, not less.


I totally agree with this comment!


Agreed, this is one of the asinine changes I’ve ever seen a piece of software take. The end-of-line-colon method was super intuitive, and great when you stumble across it. Nobody is going to stumble across a keyboard shortcut like Tab+N.

Bizzare step backwards


On top of that, people coming from todo apps like Todoist are used to creating headings this way. I get offering the option to use a keybind, but can’t that be in addition the colon method?