How to format Subtasks into BOLD sections (creating sub-sections / subtask-sections)

When using Asana Templates like “Product Launches”, there are Subtasks formatted in bold with no task checkmark. How can I recreate Subtasks like this? They function as headers and not tasks.

Hi @Demerise_Cano , welcome to the forum :smiley:

What you refer to is known to the community as a ‘sub-section’ or a ‘subtask-section’. Currently, there is actually no menu button or choice from the task action menu to create these (!)

While creating a subtask press [TAB]+[N] on your keyboard - this will convert that subtask into a sub-section within your list of subtasks. It will now appear bold with an underline but note that it is not a subtask therefore it cannot contain any information.

:bulb: The [TAB]+[N] shortcut also creates sections while in the List view, too!

For a full list of useful keyboard shortcuts such as these, press [Ctrl]+[/] (Windows) or [Cmd]+[/] (macOS) or check out this article: Keyboard shortcuts in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

You can also refer to the topic by @lpb here: Subtask Sections (aka Subsections) - The Hidden Story


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