How to add titles before subtasks


I would like to know how to add “Titles” before subtasks. My goal is to divide subtasks in sections, like the image below (I don’t know how insert “PRE-RECORD, RECORDING or EDITING” text). I have a free account. Thanks!

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Hi @Alessandro_Giordani and welcome to the forum!

You can use the Tab-N keystroke combination to create those section separators.


Thank you!!! :wink:

Ahh, I found it in the Help FYI:

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This no longer works, as it is now used to start a new section. What is the new shortcut to create the section separators?

@Sara_Karstetter, To create a Subsection, click your cursor anywhere in the right-side Task Detail pane (in the list of subtasks or in the Description, for example). Then click the same Tab+N shortcut after that–it will create a Subsection.


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Hi, I am not trying to create a subsection. I am wanting headings for the tasks… See picture:

Hey @Sara_Karstetter

yes it works like @lpb explained :slight_smile:

Have a look at the screenshots in the article.
For example this one:

I don’t think I am being clear. The picture you posted above shows the sections in purple with tasks listed below. I am not needing new sections or new tasks or new subtasks. I am wanting to organize the tasks with headings, within the section. This is an example of it done in a subtask. I am wanting to do this with the tasks themselves:

Hi @Sara_Karstetter,

In your screenshot:

  • Great Room is a task
  • sofa, side chairs, coffee tables, ceilings, and Chandeliers are subtasks
  • Furniture, Finishes and Lighting are called “subtask sections”

It’s not possible in Asana to create a subtask section from the main project task list itself. If you try, by hitting Tab-N, then Asana instead creates a full project section - as you observed.

The only way to create a subtask section is to follow what @lpb said above - that is, you have to go to the detail pane of the top-level task containing the subtasks, put your cursor on the subtask above where you want the subsection section to go, then hit Tab-N. That will create a subtask section.

That subtask section will then be displayed in the main task list view as per your illustration, but again you can’t create new ones there, only from the task detail pane.

Does that clear things up, I hope?


Thanks, @Phil_Seeman, for clarifying. I hope that addresses @Sara_Karstetter’s issue.

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that makes me sad. I like the visual organization of having headings :frowning: oh well. thanks for the info

I think I understand the confusion now.

@Sara_Karstetter, those screenshot images are old. That’s the visual design Asana used to use to render Sections (with the horizontal rule). Now they render them without that rule.

You could use a Chrome extension that allows you to add styling to pages and render them that way, but it’s a little bit of effort and it may need maintenance from time to time.


Ah, here’s what you want, I think - you can add your vote for it:

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Well there’s also this:

That’s Sort by Dept custom field, and Sort within sections is turned off.


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