Hide completed subtasks

Hi @Kate_Bendewald_Inter , thank you for creating the request.
In the meantime before Asana implements an official solution, please try 2-1-4 in Introduction to Asana bookmarklets.

Also consider not using subtasks so much to a point that you need fo filter them out :slight_smile: (not easy, I know)

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In the 242 (!) posts in this 5+ year old thread, I don’t think anyone has mentioned that it is now possible to hide completed subtasks (in many instances):

Hope that helps until/if Asana addresses this in the task detail pane as well,



Ha! Thanks for the tip! Still hoping they fix this at the task level, but appreciate this!

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I actually wonder how many people even really know about that feature considering this here - Display subtasks on List view when project is filtered/sorted

If people are always working out a project that has a saved filter/sort, they probably can’t use this workaround as most people do prefer filters/sorts (like hiding a subtask when it’s completed) over dropdowns. Which, I assume many people are, so many wouldn’t even see this as an option, and I mean literally, since the arrow it gone with a filter/sort applied. I really just don’t feel like for most people this would be viable, but it does work great otherwise. I don’t think it should be considered a solution though.


I agree, and have voted too.

In case it wasn’t clear, my double mention of “Hope that helps until/if Asana addresses this” was meant to indicate it was the best that could be done for now, not a substitute for the feature requested.



For sure! That feature I just have actually mentioned in a different thread that I don’t like to show it to people at my company as we’ve run into confusion, frustration, and disappointment because people like the feature! Which is exactly why they have strong feelings when your follow up sentence has to be “but if you do *thing your likely to do* it won’t work.”

I myself personally thought I was misremembering the functionality when I first tried to show it to someone, because I went to a project that had a saved filtered view, and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. After that, like I said above, I would try to talk about it, just to get to the last sentence “but if you sort and save your project it won’t work” to just have them basically forget about the functionality. So for this, I’d like to at least point out to people where this workaround, I would argue extremely quickly might run into issue, and how they can vote to change it. As many might look at your piece, go to their project, not see the functionality, and then spend 5 or so minutes trying to figure out why you have an arrow and they do not.

I also realize it’s not you who chooses the “solution” marker, but also would like to have very quickly under it that I don’t agree with that, as a customer. Not trying to assume your views!

I appreciate your addition and added workaround, I was just trying to have a voice of customer on it, and save people time if they tried to use your workaround.

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Not the most helpful suggestion - what about repeating subtasks? I have tasks that only have one or two subtasks, but they come up on a regular basis. Atm every single old version of the same subtask is sitting there clogging up my task :frowning:

Why? Doing things differently to use the tool to its full potential is not useful :sweat_smile: ? I am not saying Asana shouldn’t fix anything, just trying to help. Most people don’t know how to not use subtasks, they just lack the ways.

I see what you’re saying, and it’s useful for some, sure - those who are tech-savvy enough to adapt how they use an app to get the best out of it. Personally, I love finding ways to use Asana better!

The problem is, I admin Asana for a team of 16 creatives with a highly variable range of tech skills. For some of them it’s been a challenge just getting used to using an app to manage their workflows as opposed to pen & paper (or even keeping it in their heads!!) - I’ve learned the hard way that trying to pile on too many specifics about how to use Asana only makes them feel like it’s too hard to use at all.

That’s why I’m so keen on Asana being as intuitive to use as possible - for my team (and anyone else who isn’t a fellow tech nerd!) to use Asana, the app needs to change to suit the user, not just tell the user to change to suit the app.

I understand. What is so hard about all this topics is that many changes requested by the community would actually make the app more complex, by adding new settings for example, or break other people workflows. I am happy I am not part of the Product team making those decisions :scream:

See you around!

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I feel exactly the same! :sweat_smile:

I love that feature idea! To keep my subtasks list focus on the work that still needs to be done, I kept deleting completed subtasks but that is not always ideal. It’s really annoying having to scroll down so much to see the unfinished work whenever a task with many subtasks is opened. Please add this!

Since the feature would be optional, users who want to keep seeing all their completed subtasks can do so and the rest of us would be so much happier.

Concerning the discussion if this would be a burden on non technical users: If the link to ‘Hide completed subtasks’ was just the same style as the already existing ‘Load more subtasks’ link, I’m sure even non technical users would have no problem understanding and using that function.

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Me too,

want to hide completed subtasks

Coming up six years now that users have been asking for this. What a joke.

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To add onto this - if you have a TON of completed tasks, it can take a while for the Asana board to load. If we choose to ‘hide’ completed tasks, could we make it so that the board loading doesn’t scrape the data for this and thus it doesn’t delay the load time for the project board? Thanks!

You are hiding completed tasks by default and the project still takes ages to load?
I have a project with 43k completed tasks and 60 incomplete, it takes about 5sec to load, not more…

Please enable hiding subtasks! And by default