Hide completed subtasks

+1 We want this feature, please.

I’d also love this option implemented. Maybe even with a list view integration. :slight_smile:

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Hello, I would like to take a moment to upvote this issue. I have been tracking it for years, and google it every 3-4 months or so. I have also been using Asana for 6 years now and considering moving to another tool because the lack of this functionality and how much additional effort this ads. This is a project management tool, it needs to do project management thing such as help us manage complex set of tasks that are assigned in each specific instance.

PLEASE fix…by the time we make it to 10 years, there will be another company doing this better than Asana and Asana wont have anymore folks asking for this feature.

It’s wild to me that a standard feature of a competitor product is something Asana can’t/won’t do even though its been requested for years. THIS IS SO NECESSARY.

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If you use the board view and set your filter to, “incomplete task” the completed subtasks will no longer appear in the UI unless you click on a task to see more details

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Let me keep this topic alive. Trello already has this feature for a long time. Only makes sense to add this.

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PLEASE! This function is very important! Nearly impossible to work without!

I love the filter ‘show only incomplete tasks’, but it is indeed annoying the tools doesn’t remember this setting. Pfff, makes me a lot less productive.

Welcome, @Lisa_Niehoff,

When you change a filter, save it by clicking the blue dot on the right side of the project header and choosing Save for everyone.