Hide completed subtasks

Not me coming to Asana Forum hoping that I could tell my project manager that this was a feature that we could implement for our team. WOW 2017 to 2022. I hope we get it soon guys :smiley:

We would find this useful as well. Particularly if the Board View of Subtasks count would have an option to show the incomplete subtask count rather than the entire subtask count.

Cant believe it, its still not there.
Its muchh needed and should be somewhat simple to do. Comeeee on asana.

Our company has been trying Asana for the past 2 months and this is the biggest problem we’ve encountered. It vitiates the simplicity of the project view, especially when it starts to hide incomplete subtasks in favor of showing completed subtasks. I’m thinking about getting rid of Asana for the company this week because of how problematic this is.

Also, the fact that this has been a known problem for so long makes me think that Asana isn’t listening to its users and the development team thinks they can rest on their laurels. I’d love to use this product if they are willing to continually make it better, but if its going to be stagnant, there are plenty of project management apps that will go the extra mile.

Good idea for a workaround. A little clunky, but at least it cleans things up some!

This is a no-brainer ability to implement still 5 years later.

Maybe 5 years the charm? REALLY need this for my team - we have recurring tasks and would much prefer if they were recurring SUBTASKS that didn’t clutter up the view.

Any update on this feature please? This has been pending longer than any of my relationships LMAO

Another vote here for the ability to hide completed subtasks. It’s enough of a hindrance that it makes Asana almost unusable once you start delving into the deeper functionality of it, which is part of the whole point of Asana - control over presentation of information involved in task/project management.

Please add this ability. Subtasks are treated as subhuman.

+1000 for this request. Wow Asana, this is a fundamental UX improvement that will cut into your LTV. Take care of your customers and add this feature please! At least have a transparent conversation about the difficulty of it, or the way it’s a lack of priority for you, and share some workarounds that the community has learned…such as this one!