Help with creating a rule

I need help setting up a rule for all my projects that we get some kind of alert when a task is a week out from being due. I created this rule thinking it would do the trick where it would pop up a “need followup” and “Need to discuss at Total Dom” to test it out and it doesn’t seem to be working. Can someone let me know if there is an easier way or what I am setting up incorrectly? TIA.

Hello @Chris_Anaya
have you only set the rule up now?

Here is some info on when and how they will trigger:

especially „triggers will not retroactively fire“ and „ * Rules with day or week precision will not execute precisely at midnight. Rather, these Rules will execute in the window between midnight and 1 am.“

This could be the reason why the rule was not triggered yet

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I set this up a few days ago and nothing I will check again tomorrow and see if it triggers I can also set one up for 1 day. I just wanted to test it before I write this rule for all our projects.


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