Follow-up rule

Would love it if whenever I create a follow-up task via Asana (shift-tab-f) if it would (a) check that I put a due date and (b) not put it in my “Recently Assigned” section of “Today” but rather directly into the “Future”…

To me that seems too “specific” for something to be added to Asana. Each person decides how they want to manage their follow up tasks and having such ability would make the tool harder to use/more complex to configure… Sorry :grimacing:

I do have one hack for you though. In My Tasks I have a section “Snooze - 1 week” and a rule that says “when a task is placed within the section, change the due date to +7 and move to Later”. That was a game changer for me, streamlining my way of working and allowing me to push tasks to the future with a single section.

I agree with Bastien here - this is likely something we won’t implement. Hopefully, the workaround he shared can help you work around this!

Ok, thank you very much for replying and the suggestion! I’ll put this in use and see how it works.

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