Goal Subgoal Automatic Numeric Reporting Up Doesn't Count Subgoals

I am trying to leverage automatic goal updates, for a goal that has 6 sub goals.

Our success criteria is based on on how many subgoals are completed (which is a concept referenced in various sections of the Asana Content on how to define your success criteria). When I configure the Goal’s Update method as Automatic :zap:, and specify “Sub-goals” as the Progress source, and Numeric, as the measurement, it does not report on the number of Subgoals achieved. Instead, it totals up the specific numbers being used for measurement in the subgoals, which is a meaningless total number for me at the Goal level. (If I have a subgoal that says “Resolve 200 support requests in the year” and another subgoal that says "Hire 3 new staff members), if I achieve both of those, the numbers roll up to the Parent Goal as “203” which is meaningless. Instead, I would want them to be “2”.

Additionally, this approach excludes subgoals from the update that might not be numeric (for example, if I have a Sub Goal related to $, it doesn’t include that subgoal in the automatic update). I keep wondering if I am missing something, or perhaps this is a feature request, but it would be really good if maybe there was another “Measurement option” when you pick Sub-goals, and it would say “# of Subgoals Achieved”, kind of like Milestones on a Project. Has anyone else run into this limitation? Should this be a feature request?


I’ve made your request a #forum-en:product-feedback so that you can vote for it.

I believe you can achieve this currently if the goal chain (goal and subgoals) are all set to the Percent metric type. I recognize that you’d prefer numeric counts for subgoals, but that feature seems to be envisioned for counts of all apples, not counts of apples and oranges combined, as you’ve discovered. If you can permit the subgoals to be expressed in percentages (slightly less clear) then the parent goal would reflect the percent of subgoals completed, which is probably less of a stretch for you.

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Thanks for that. That may work for some of our goals. Thanks for the product-feedback link too.

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