Status tracking format options for Goals and Sub-Goals

The description in the dialog box for setting a progress metric for goals or sub-goals says,
“Choose how you’d like to measure this goal (e.g. percentages or complete/incomplete).”
However, I do not see the option of choosing complete/incomplete in the drop-down. The options I see are: percent, number or $$$.

1: Is there a complete/incomplete option that I am somehow not finding?
2: Is it possible to create a custom progress metric?

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Hi @pomalley :wave:t3:

  1. Yes, I’d recommend using the “# Number” option. You can learn more about it here
  2. Not at the moment, but hopefully, this is something we can implement in the future :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Hi Marie,

Thanks for the quick response. I had considered using the 0/1 as a proxy for complete/incomplete, but I think that will introduce confusion when reviewing the progress of a list of goals or sub-goals. I think the number format is most useful for tracking actual numbers. For example, I may have a goal of meeting with 20 qualified potential customers per month. That goal will have a progress target of 20, and a value showing the actual number of meetings to date. I might have a few goals being tracked that way (with actual numbers). Then I might have another goal in the same list for which a complete/incomplete progress metric makes the most sense. If that goal appears with a 0 or a 1, how will users know how to interpret it, especially in the context of other truly numerical goals. I would suggest adding Complete/incomplete to the drop down, or removing the reference to Complete/Incomplete in the description.

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I agree with you it would be better not to have to rely on 0/1 for all binary goals (as recommended in the Goal documentation).

But I also wanted to just make sure you didn’t overlook the fact that you can “Close” goals ( as Achieved, Partial, Missed, or Dropped. Maybe that could help until/if Asana adds another progress type.