Subtasks not counting towards goal progress

My Roadmap project dashboard shows 46 incomplete tasks.

It has 1 Milestone consisting of 40 subtasks.

But the connected goal shows only 1 task (the milestone I guess).

Even though the Measurement in Edit progress settings is set to Tasks complete.

I want to have 1 milestone with 40 subtasks and have the project updated based on percentage of subtasks completed. Otherwise I have to make the subtasks separate tasks and things get messy.

Any thoughts?

P.S.: As new user I can’t post more than 1 image. I had it all showing in screenshots…

Hi @Markus_Ehret

you have it set to “tasks complete” and that is exactly what it shows you.
Not sure if the goal feature is the best way to track subtasks. Maybe is better for what you’re trying to track.

AFAIK there is no option to also track subtasks

You can find some Info here:

Automatic progress will be calculated from sub-goals or projects (added on the goal’s detail page after creation). For manual goals, add a progress metric to show the % complete, dollar amount reached, or an objective yes/no if it’s complete.

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Hm yeah it’s just a bit unintuitive to set milestones but not see progress represented by the milestones completed subtasks imo… Cause one milestone has only 2 short subtasks, another one has 10 and they both contribute 50% when set to milestone or tasks…

But thank you anyway for your reply!

A Milestone is a Milestone. It just represents a Milestone is reached. It doesn’t calculate progress in respect to finished subtasks.

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