Goal notifications for all goal updates

I thought it was a bug but since it’s not I think the possibility to trigger notifications for goal updates, not only when changing status or due date , but also when changing the goal metric.

A metric update does not necessarily mean a change of status. And keeping a status with an updated metric is also a status update - meaning the same status but with updated metrics.

Collaborators are now missing out on important goal updates therefore I would like to request at least the option to include metric updates in triggered notifications for the collaborators.

The original bug post:

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Great request, @Finn_Stenberg! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. Hopefully this is something we will implement in the future.

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What I’m doing now is to update the goals weekly then inform the stake holders about the update via a task… not very efficient.

Seems this is now sorted with the latest Goal update!

Thank you

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You are right, @Finn_Stenberg! This is now possible with the latest update: New! Keep your team in the loop with Goal Status Updates and History 🥅