Retroactively fill in goal statuses

We recently started using the Goals feature of Asana. We have a history of goals and statuses maintained in a separate system (basically a Google doc) and want to port that to Goals. Is there any way to retroactively enter status updates for a goal? We want the dates of our old status updates to be correct, but the UI doesn’t let you set the date. It is automatically set to the current day. I’m willing to use the API if necessary.


In the API, you can’t update a goal metric retroactively

@Phil_Seeman do you confirm?

Right, I don’t see any way in the API to set a date so as to make the update be retroactive.

I don’t really want to update a goal, but rather set a status for a goal. There doesn’t seem to be any such endpoint. You currently have to update the goal with a new status value.

That would work but the endpoint defines a status as simply a string. I think a few weeks ago there was an update to Asana, where goal statuses became richer. They now also have a date, an associated metric update, and full prose that can be attached. The API doesn’t appear to support this latest status type.