Goal Status Update Notifications

Anyone know how to turn off update notifications when the status of a goal changes? Some of our teams goals are smaller in nature and don’t warrant a company-wide update. Is there a way to update the goal status without having a notification go out to everyone?

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Each goal has a list of “collaborators”, and that’s what triggers the notification I believe. I don’t think you can stay a collaborator but not receive it… @ambforumleader correct?

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Yes whoever is goal collaborator would receive the update.

And currently, there is no way to disable it as far as I know.

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Or is there a way to get summarized updates similar to a portfolio? Rather than individual notification emails for each update?

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We are experiencing goal notification overload with every comment and status update going to every person associated with the goal every time. It’s too much!


This is a significant oversight. Creating a Team Goal shouldn’t mean everyone in the team get’s added as a collaborator to the point where they are notified of every activity on that goal. If you have a large team with top level objectives and then 2nd and 3rd level objectives which are then further broken down in to key results distributed to individuals we end up with a lot of goals. They are all team goals and the team should have visibility and access to at least comment on them if need be but not to be notified of all the activity for each one. It creates an incredible amount of noise. The way I’m working around this is by making 1st and 2nd level objectives team goals and then anything below that I’m adding the individual members. This increases the admin overhead in goal creation but works for now.


Are you aware that if you specify goals to be Public (not Private to members) then your team will have access to the goals but not receive status updates?



Thanks Larry, I needed to be able to view the key results added to members of the team. What I did was remove the broader team from the goals and key results, created a new team with only the people within the team I wanted to be notified of changes to these goals and then assigned that team to all the goals and KRs. Now the broader team has access to via the public view, those in the team who the goals are assigned to get notifications and I get to filter goals according to what is assigned to who. BTW we have 262 goals and KRs combined. This works well.

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