Goal updates does not give collaborators notifications

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Goal notifications do only give collaborators status notifications when the status is changed or the goal is closed.

When updating the goal metric but within the same status it doesn’t give any collaborators any updates in their inbox. This means that if we are in status green throughout a selling season no one will get any status notifications until the goal is closed. To make an update within the same status is also a status update…

Steps to reproduce:
Updating goal metric without changing to a different status with a collaborator added. Collaborator will then not get any notifications
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Hi @Finn_Stenberg, thanks for reaching out!

I can confirm that this is actually working as expected at the moment. Collaborators should receive notifications if the due date has changed, or if the status was updated on a Goal. Notifications are not triggered when the metric only is updated.

I hope this provides some clarity :slight_smile:


So the only way for me to trigger a notification is to change goal status to - off track/at risk - press save and then change back to status on track along with changing the metric - press save?

Hi @Finn_Stenberg, yes this should trigger a notification :slight_smile:

Hi ok!

Thanks and understood. I will follow up with a product enhancement request and hope for the best.

Request Goal notifications for all updates

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