Product Request: Greater controls of Goals Notifications

Product Request: Ability to manage Goals notifications (email and desktop), and handling Goal notifications separately from Project and Portfolio notifications.

We are experiencing Goal notification overload and it is problematic.

Many of us would prefer not to get a notification each time there is a status update or comment on a goal for which we are associated. It doesn’t mean we aren’t invested, or we don’t understand the purpose of Goals. We get it! More controls to manage preferences is needed. Too much notification dilutes the intended impact of the updates.

Will the goal notification overload be resolved with a feature update anytime soon? We are rolling out Goals to all staff later this year and I can already tell this is going to be a risk to our adoption strategy.


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My team is starting to use Asana goals more and the notification overload from status updates is real! (All our goals are public to our team in Asana, and everyone gets notified each time a status update is posted.) If individuals change their project notification defaults to exclude status updates, will that affect the notifications they receive for status updates on goals too?