Gmail Rules Break before running

I’ve created a Gmail notification rule that triggers when a multiple-choice option is made. The rule saves properly, but when triggered I get a “rule broken” notification. My identical Slack rule works properly, so I’m wondering if there’s an enterprise setting I’m running up against? Do I need my admin to allow Gmail integration?

Hey @Amanda_Myton, uhm so I know that for gmail emails if within a Google Workspace then apps and other things can be enabled or disabled so you might want to check with your IT team whether Asana is set up as an allowed app to be installed.
Now if you already have the Asana Gmail integration installed and that works fine then this should not be the problem.

For the rule you set up you could also try and edit it and just replace the gmail part with another action to find out whether gmail is the cause. However based on your message it seems you have exactly the same rule set up for Slack as well correct?

And check with the Asana super admin in your team as they might have blocked something as well, for more info see Admin Console • Asana Product Guide

Thanks–I’ve sent a message to our superadmin to see what they say.

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