Form Prefill values

Is there a way to prefill fields on a form based off a url query string?

For Example, our form has the url<ASANAHASH>&id=<ASANAID>. If we append the url with &<CUSTOMFIELDID>=<INTERNALVALUE>, it would populate the custom field referenced by the <CUSTOMFIELDID>.

If this is not possible, are there plans to allow this feature?


Hi @Benjamin_Ragan,

This is not possible right now but we’d love to hear what your use case is and what you would like to solve for!


I figured this wasn’t possible, but I needed to ask. This would be a great enhancement.

Use case 1:

We have an internal application which creates and manages task. However, we use Asana for the other 99% of our tasks and are looking at merging the two.

The current process is our users click a menu item to create a task. The task which is created auto-populates a few items automatically (e.g. Client ID, Item ID, etc.) and the user only fills out a description.

We were hoping to replace this menu item with a hyperlink to an Asana form and use the query string to auto-populate the known information. This would allow us to get all of our tasks in Asana and would reduce input errors.

Use case 2:

We have a project which contains a list of all tasks we have received from clients via email. This project has a custom field called Client ID. At this time our team is setting up the task to Asana using multiple methods (email add-ins, forwarding, etc.).

We were hoping to create a form to replace the emails. The form would contain a few fields one of them being a custom field called Client ID. We would then provide our clients with a URL to the Form. We could append to the URL’s query string information which would auto-populate the Client ID field. Our client can then distribute the URL to all of their employees, which might not know the Client ID, to submit tasks.

We are hoping to do this with more than the Client ID field.

We know there are multiple ways to accomplish this, but were hoping to explore the forms option.


@TonyC: Did my last comment help clarify what I am requesting?

Hi, I have the same issue. Help us!

I embed some customer Asana forms in our app and it would be fantastic to be able to send the context information into those forms.

As an example right now a customer has to enter their name and email address but I already know this information and it would be great to pass it in the query string to pre-populate the form field values.


This feature will be extremely helpful. +1


Second this!
Example: In the case where an internal user has a request, any time the user spends typing her own name and/or email could be spent more productively on something else.

+1 need a url link to a specific form drop down!

I found this discussion while looking for an answer to this question. We’d like to have a guest speaker information form that we partially pre-fill before sending to our live event guest speakers. Otherwise, it looks like too many questions, particularly since we know some answers.

Hi, we want this feature too.

Our use case:
We use Forms to get requests to our internal Helpdesk team. And it’s crucial to fill “email”-field correctly in this form to receive future updates from asana tasks.
We can (and want) prefill this field by query-parameters from our internal CRM-system.

Thank you!

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Looking for this feature too! We want to create forms from our help desk system and prepopulate some data in form to save our team type (and remove user error).

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Being able to pass a query parameter to pre-fill a field would be an amazing feature. We are using an Asana form for, among other things, a support link on our Web Application’s error page. I would love to be able to prepopulate the description or another field with the error code in case the user forgets to copy or describe the code. Prepopulating their name and email would also be really great.

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Agree! We would love this feature as well. Right now we use pre-filled Google Forms for client questionnaires, but we would much rather have this all in Asana as it ends up here anyway.

We ended up doing something similar. We are using a pre-filled Google forms. When the user clicks submit, an AppScript function is executed to create an Asana task with the needed information. We also have a few other timed AppScript functions which sync Asana’s Custom Fields with the dropdowns on our Google form.

So having this feature would simply our workflow and help us keep everything in Asana instead of multiple systems.

I have just moved this to the Product Feedback group, so it can be voted on.

Hi there - Confirming that we are looking for this feature for our team as well. Use case is we often as for feedback or interest from partners on specific products we offer. It would be great to pre-fill some values and send the pre-filled form as a link to reduce the # of inputs that the partners need to fill out.

@TonyC Hello. Can you update about status of this improvement? This feature is hardly needed by our team as well.

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I’d really love that too. 2 use cases:

  • On a “share an interesting page” form, directly prefill the URL field (using a bookmarklet for instance)
  • On a feedback form, pre-select “positive / negative” feedback based on the link clicked

That’d be a really, really interesting feature.

I agree, this would be a huge value add for us. We support numerous software and it would be great to autopopulate some of the form fields based on a string. Our users don’t have a lot of time on their hands, so anything to encourage filling out the form helps us immensely.