Post data to Asana from from external web application

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I was hoping someone could guide me with this issue.

I have a a website that needs to “seed” an Asana form, so when user click on the link from my website, the Asana form popup and is pre-populated with data.

The issue is that I can’t add data to Asana/create task in project, until the user sees the form seeded with data initially, they then can click on submit to create a task in the project and perform workflow, etc.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated by the members on this channel.

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I think your main options are:

  • Perhaps connector apps like,, etc. and a third-party form tool that supports what you’re looking for (Asana’s own form feature does not)
  • Asana App Components (requires custom coding)

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Thank you, but I wanted to follow up. If I were to use the ASANA API to post data to project and create such a task, can then then pop-open the Asana form populated with that data? just trying to see what is possible with forms.

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No, that’s not possible.

There’s no way to pre-populate an Asana form, at all - with or without the Asana API. If you need a form that’s pre-populated, you’d need to do it via a third-party form tool as @lpb says above.

The ability to pre-populate an Asana form is a pretty popular request here in the forum: you can vote for it here: Form Prefill values

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