Form Features Question

Does Asana have any form capability available yet to create pre-populated forms based on certain criteria or a specific submitter? Also- is there a way to save a form as a draft? (same type of concept there- capability to save as a draft if the submitter isn’t ready to submit yet, but it saves/pre-populates their information for when they’re ready to complete their submission.

Hi Christine

The only possible pre-populate data is the submitter email, that is based on the Asana login (when the form is for “Organization only”, and the option “Add submitters as task collaborators” is selected).

You might want to vote for those ideas of feature there :

Not yet, but you can vote for the feature there : Customer ability to save a form and return to complete it at a later date

And more generally, you can search on all existing feature request about forms there : Search results for 'form #forum-en:product-feedback' - Asana Forum

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