Form Prefill values

It would also be a great value to us as well. Providing this function is as simple as adding a name attribute to the html elements of the form. In that case the form can be pre-filled just as in Google:

Would also find this very useful! At the moment we use a Google Form which users can submit feedback/bugs reports from. This prefilled fields allow us to prefill their platform, and app context.

+1 Would be super helpful, as we know some user info like name & email, platform

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+1 Would be very useful. Any update on this feature?

This would be super helpful for us. @Benjamin_Ragan outlines the exact use cases I’m looking for.

Here’s our use case:
We have an Asana form to submit work requests for our department and the first select field is used for picking the team within the department. Instead of individual forms for the teams we’d rather use the generic department form and - if we know that a request is team specific - share a form link that pre-populates this selection.

This is really important for forms… it will save us a lot of time and entry on the backend if we can setup certain forms to auto-fill data that is typical for that type of request.

For example, there are certain things I would like to set on the form level, that the users can’t change:

Type: Request
Year: 2019
Team: TV
Report: Yes

While that’s just 4 fields that I could think of off the top of my head, it would save me from having to set those 4 fields for each request I receive since they will always be set to those 4 items.

These fields should have the ability to be hidden from the form, but they should also have the ability to be shown or not show in the submission (description).

While slightly different than default parameters, we could use some form items that are just for information. In other words, they display info to the form submitter, but they aren’t actionable or fillable. Maybe it’s instructions, or something else. So while not really a default item, it’s similar.



Is there a way to populate some forms fields from the URL?

Also, can a notification to a webhook be triggered when the form is filled?

I’d like to know this too - we’d like automatically add the URL where the person clicked on the button so that we can see where the user is running into issues (currently using the form as a bug report for a project).

Happy Thursday @Trey_Waddell and thank you for reaching out?

Apologies here but I’m not completely sure to understand what you are trying to achieve. Would you mind providing some more context or perhaps a screenshot to illustrate what you are trying to achieve?

I’m also leaving the link to our Guide where you can find more information about Forms: Create Forms in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide.

I hope it helps Trey! Looking forward to your reply!

Hi Natalia,

We’re using forms as a bug and feedback tracker for an area of our (own!) support community. So we embed the form as a button to click, but we’d like to pass the URL of where the user was when they clicked the button to the form. This way we can go directly to where the user was when they noticed the issue in order to reproduce.

We have a team of devs to work on this but it doesn’t seem as if there is a way this is possible?


Indeed you can’t pass data in the url just yet.

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Hi @Trey_Waddell :wave:t3:

As @Bastien_Siebman already mentioned, this is not possible just yet, but I see how useful this would be in your use case, so I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other community members to advocate for this feature (make sure to click on the "Vote button at the top of this thread to cast your vote :slight_smile: ). I’ve also updated the title of this thread to make it more discoverable to other users!

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

It’s 2022, and this is standard across other form populating programs such as Google Forms and Hubspot.


Dear @Marie
Do you have any updates so far?

Hi @anon27854355,

I’m afraid I don’t have any updates now, but I’ll be sure to circle back on this thread if this request gets prioritised!

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I believe @Francesco_Alessi mentioned this way back in 2019, but along with query string parameters for pre-filled values, it would be nice to also have some basic control over the “type” of field. For example:

  • Visible, editable (standard)
  • Visible, but read-only (ie, locked value)
  • Hidden (invisible, but still pre-filled)
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How do we collect automatically the name of the user filling the form without them having to type it?

  • How can we build dropdowns that lists all projects within a team so the form filler can choose the relevant project?

  • How can we have a dropdown that lists all tasks within a specific section of a project so the form filler can choose the relevant task?

  • How can we have the form link to a chosen task from a dropdown, and update custom field data that’s linked to fields on the form?


Hi @Motor, while it’s not possible to achieve each of the scenarios you’ve mentioned here, we are making a note of them for our Product team.

If we have any updates in the future, we’ll share them right here in this thread :slight_smile: