Form Prefill values

Upvoting this! A “hidden” field type would be ideal for pre-populating task fields that the user doesn’t need to concern themselves with, but that would help us route the submission internally.


+1 for query string support. Mapping CRM fields so that fields pre-populate when clicking the link would prevent extra typing and eliminate typos.


It seems like it would be pretty easy to add a “Custom Scripts” input when creating a form that would allow form creators to put custom JS and CSS on a page

This functionality of pre-filling a form could then be implemented as needed

Is this in the Dev pipeline?

I hope we have this feature added. Any updates on this?

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Asana does not share a public roadmap so unfortunately I cannot really say if and when this might be released.
However Asana is monitoring all feedback requests.

Over 2 years since we requested this and others have been pilling it on.

How many more years until this incredibly basic feature that is available on ALMOST ALL OTHER PLATFORMS is available on Asana?

Can we pay to prioritize you to build critical time-saving features or do we just have to beg?


Inability to prefill context fields through query strings is going to push my team to use Google Forms for issue submission, rather than plugging directly into Asana. This makes Asana less useful for us, as we’d need to perform manual data transfer work to track these issues w/in the Asana UI.

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Can’t edit my posts, so adding more context – I want to use the task creation form to let users submit bug reports, and I wanted to prefill fields to help make those reports more rich. For example, the URL of the page that the user clicked the “Report Issue” button from, or relevant details about the user’s account config. I don’t trust users to reliably fill these points in themselves, and it’s not feasible to create different issue forms for each spot in the UI.

Surprised this is still not available yet, how so? very very much needed function

Im also suprised its not implemented - shouldn be that hard tho

Prefilling with url would be huge for us. A big time save for our employees. We use forms in a multiplicity of ways, including submitting IT requests, HR, etc, and if there were specific links that employees could click on that would autofill several of our formfields, it would save so much time.

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Also a request for us. Trying to use Asana, seems like a lot of basic use-cases like this are pushing us to use other platforms. Please let us know when it’s implemented, would love to use asana for more than task list.


I went looking for this functionality and ended up here. I am just very shocked that this doesn’t already exist as a feature. Especially since it has been asked for four years, exists in almost every other forms system out there and would probably be relatively trivial to implement. I mean this seems like a no brainer feature, not something special but something I would just expect to exist from day 1.

Totally agree. I hope this can be implement within another 4 years, to be able to prefill form value.


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… and still waiting to be able to trigger a Task Template from a form fill as well


Just an UP to Asana Team : please, this feature is a must have :pray:

Almost 4 years later and no updates :frowning: