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I can see this feature is still not available. JIRA provides possibility to have a task template with prefilled values to speed up the proces.

Use case:
As a team we have a certain rules when we create a task (member from other teams are also allowed to add items to our backlog). Having that we need my team members and stakeholders to follow specific format when adding item to our backlog like:

Issue/problem description:

Expected outcome:


Currently each time we create a task we have to add manually. this is super basic feature in JIRA and other task/items management tools. For me it’s even a blocker to use Asana agains JIRA as it brings a lot of frustration to the team.

Any updates about it? Do you plan to deliver it?

My current use case: Pre-filled out Job Application.
We are assessing where to host our internal jobs for transfers. We have many jobs hosted on a job board (external) and would like for a user to click a link and send them to a pre-filled out application that includes: team and job title. Having these two things pre-filled out allows us to offer a simple and intuitive user experience to apply for an internal transfer.

We are assessing ways to do this and right now it looks like Google Forms will be our selected Form choice unfortunately.

3 Years later, no progress.

Nice to see Asana values & prioritizes (overwhelming) customer feedback

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Ryan_Hartwig!

Asana does not have a public roadmap.

All I can say however is that over the years I have seen that Asana has launched plenty of new features, you can see the release notes here.

Many of the features launched are ones that are well-requested ones from the forum. Asana always monitors the votes but also the views.

Here is a detailed post about it:

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