Asana Integraion - prefilled values

is it possible to open the “create task mask” with prefilled values via URL?

hmm I guess the answer is no :frowning:

Hi @Harald_Schaffernak,

Are you asking about having the “Quick Add” button (the plus sign in the Asana app) start with pre-filled values? Unfortunately, the answer to that is no, that isn’t a feature we have implemented :frowning:

If you’re asking about whether it’s possible to create an integration that creates a task with pre-filled values, that’s totally possible with our API - you would just have a pre-populated task template stored in your integration, then overwrite any of the fields with the non-default values when appropriate. This wouldn’t be in Asana’s UI, so you’d have to have some sort of interface to allow users to overwrite the default values, but it’s definitely possible.

For more information about how to get started with our API, see our API overview. Thanks!

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