Add custom fields in /asana create shortcut to Slack

I love the Slack x Asana integration but two features that might be interesting not only for my team but also for other companies:

  1. Create a task directly in a predefined project for a certain Slack channel.
  2. Create a task w/ the custom fields in the Asana project (not only the generic ones like “Assignee”, “Due Date”, “Description”)

If there are further information needed just let me know. :sunny:



Thanks for sharing this feedback @Claudia_Michelbach and welcome to the Community Forum!

We generally recommend to create one thread per feedback as it is easier for users to upvote for the specific feature request and for us to follow-up on.

In regards to your first request, please note we currently offer the option to add the task to a project. You can find more information here. If your request is to have the feature to automatically add tasks to specific projects, I’d recommend you creating a separate thread for that request.

Thanks for your understanding! Have a great day :sunny: