Autofill numeric custom field

TLDR: need a way to automatically fill a numeric custom field without a third party app.

Ideally, I’d have a rule triggered by a new task that automatically sets my numeric custom field to 0.3. It seems numeric custom fields cant be filled via rule which is bonkers. My second idea was to use a form to create new tasks and have the column be linked to a hidden field that automatically sets the value to .3 autofilling a field via form is also a capability that Asana should have. With the exception of purchasing flowsana for hundreds of users, are there any other workarounds to autopopulate a numeric custom field?

And if not, please please please implement it!


In Asana, you can create a task template setting the value of your custom field to .3 by default.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks Larry! That’s really helpful - that will solve some of my issues.

Apologies for going back to the well but any way to implement this into a task submitted via form?

I’m afraid not currently, but I would think (speculation only) support for more custom field types in rules eventually will come.



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