Auto-populate the entry for a custom field

There will be many tasks that will have the same entry for a custom field. Rather than clicking the drop-down menu for each of the tasks to select the same entry in a custom field, we would like this to be auto-populated based on a specific template.

For example:
There are many tasks that have the [Priority] of “Medium”. Rather than click on the drop-down menu every time to select “Medium” for the Priority custom field, we would like this to be auto-populated.

What is the best approach for this? Could we leverage templated to auto-populate this data?


HI @Payton_Moore1

You can indeed assign custom field values to tasks in the template so that when the template is used they are auto-populated.

You could use task templates also, or rules if there is a specific trigger for tasks to be marked as for instance high priority (upcoming due date for example)

Hope this helps!
Danni @ GenD


If you’re on a paid plan, you can use a task template, as @Danielle-GenD suggests.

If you’re on Business or Enterprise, you could also use rules as she suggests too.

But please consider not using Priority at all! Consider a Critical custom field instead, or another approach I suggest in my new Forum Leader Tip here:



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