Possible to auto-populate custom fields with Outlook integration?

Hi there! I’m wondering if it is possible, either via the Outlook integration, or by forwarding emails to x@mail.asana.com turn them into tasks, to auto-populate custom fields in a project?

For instance, we have a project custom field “date of initial outreach,” and if possible, it would be great if the date of the email we’re converting into a task could be used for this field.

Similarly, we have a field for the customer who made the request, and we’d like to pull this from the email sender.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi @Anne_S welcome to the forum. It is not possible via the forwarding and I don’t think via the integration as it is one way creation. However it might be possible with a 3rd Party or using a rule.

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Hi @Anne_S , welcome to the forum! :wave:

@Danielle-GenD is right, a 3rd party app that can do this from any email app is flowsana.net which has a feature that by adding hashtags to your emails can trigger changes to tasks in projects.

Pinging Flowsana’s creator, @Phil_Seeman

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Hi @Anne_S (and @Richard_Sather),

Unfortunately Flowsana doesn’t currently support setting custom fields via hashtags, though it’s definitely something we consider doing. Currently we support setting the following elements via hashtags:

  • A due date
  • An assignee
  • A section within the project
  • Tags
  • Additional projects

More info is here: Hashtag Automation - Flowsana Help Center


It would be great if Flowsana supported the custom fields. I would is sign up both of my companies if they had it

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So noted, @Spencers! Also you’re welcome to add that request here (I searched and it doesn’t appear there’s an existing request for it).