Custom Fields - Detect dropdown values as numeric values in calculations


in our projects we use dropdowns to define the story points, but in a fixed Fibonacci scheme. But since we use a dropdown Asana does not detect the contained numeric values.

It would be cool if Asana could detect that all dropdown values are numeric and if so also use dropdown fields as numeric fields.

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This option is currently available for Numeric fields but I understand you currently use drop-down field. We don’t have immediate plans to launch this option but I’ll let you know if you have any plans in the future. thank your sharing your feedback with us :slight_smile:

Hi @Bennet_Jeutter

Can I ask why just using a number field and being clear in the description that only valid Fibonacci numbers doesn’t work for you?



Having the dropdown is much faster and ensures that actual Fibonacci numbers are used and not any number.

In case a 3rd party plugin is an option, the Screenful Dashboards for Asana allows you to map any of your custom field to a number and use that in e.g. tracking velocity or creating sprint burndown charts.

We have exactly the same use case, yet we use a number field so Asana calculates the totals automatically.

Our problem is that non-fibonacci numbers are misused in tasks. because it is possible I guess. It would be great if there was validation or a list of numeric options.

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