How to bulk update a numeric custom field?

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Does anybody know how to bulk-update a numeric custom field?
Could I upload a CSV file with the new value for the priority score without messing up with everything? If so, which rules should I follow?

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The CSV upload will create new tasks and not update existing tasks. You would have to use the API I think… @Phil_Seeman @James_Carl @lpb any idea?

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Right, the Asana CSV Upload isn’t an option for updating existing tasks.

I can’t recall seeing any available option for updating existing tasks. @James_Carl have you considered adding that as a feature for Sendana Add? (I know, then you’d have to change the name to “Sendana Add and Update” haha.) Otherwise as Bastien said, it would require some programming using the Asana API.


I am not aware of a solution. There are numerous programmers available that could be hired to write the API code. Sorry

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Just to recap what you are all explaining, uploading a CSV does not update existing tasks and it seems there is not an option in the Asana API.

One option to bulk update a numeric custom field could be multi-selecting several tasks and updating the numeric custom field at once but it would only work if it is the same value you want to update in all of them.

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Does anyone know how to bulk update tasks in Asana? I’d like to be able to export all of the relevant tasks make changes in excel and reimport into Asana without creating new tasks. I’ve tried exporting making changes and then re-importing but Asana won’t match Task ID when I go to reimport.


Any ideas?

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You can’t using Asana, and we (some community members) did not find a solution to a very similar post a few days ago… cc @James_Carl @lpb @Phil_Seeman


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Try doing an advanced search for all the tasks you need to update, use custom filters on your fields to get all of the ones you need. Now that they are in list form you can shift click up to 50 tasks at a time and update the custom field.

Only really works well if you’re applying the samw value to all tasks.

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Worth moving this thread into the feature request list? Seems like being able to do this would have a lot of helpful applications


Hi everyone, I just moved this topic under “Product Feedback” category, if you want to have a solution for this request, go and up-vote it :slight_smile: Thank you all for your prompt messages!