Force Tasks to stay incomplete until all subtasks are completed?

Is there a way to set up my task template in such a way that it forces the user to complete all subtasks within a task before that task can itself be marked as complete?

Also, related question… Is it possible to force a task to remain incomplete until a field is changed to a specific value? For instance, I’ve got a custom field called “status,” and I’d like it to have to be changed to “Verified” before the task can be marked complete.

These seem like pretty obvious needs for some projects… I’m a newbie to Asana, and trying to get a project set up–just curious what the capabilities are.

My organization currently has a “Premium” membership in case that makes any difference.


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Both options are not available in Asana, you should align with your team on how you guys want to use the tool and agree that if a certain Status is not reached, then the task should not be completed. The same applies to the subtasks. It might not seem logical at the beginning, but there will be situations where you might want to complete the main task and still need the open Subtasks.

If you are involved in the work (you are an Assignee or a Collaborator), you will always be notified when a task is marked as completed and can reopen it if the task needs more work.

Also, by using specific Rules on a project, you can automatically reopen a task that might have been completed before a certain Status was reached. However, for that you need to be on a Business license.


Thanks Rosario!

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