Completion of subtasks doesn't trigger completion status rule

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

With the old rule builder, I could make a rule that would complete a task when all subtasks are marked as complete. This does not seem possible with the new rule builder:

Steps to reproduce:

  • Make a new rule (in the new rule builder)
  • When: Taks completion status is changed
  • Check if: All subtasks are marked as complete
  • Do this: Complete task
  • Publish rule
  • Make a task with subtasks
  • Complete all subtasks

Confirmed both in project and My Tasks.

I suspect that completing a subtask doesn’t count for changing the completion status of a parent task. That does make sense in a way, but it seems a step back in functionality, since such a rule is easily created in the old rule builder.

Running on both Tasks and subtasks instead of just on tasks doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Browser version:

  • Asana Desktop App (Windows)

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?

  • Enterprise

Upload screenshots below:

I’ve tested these variations, none of which seem to work.

FYI I tested this as well in the new rule builder and couldn’t get it to work for me, either.

I highly doubt this is what’s going on. I think it’s just plain broken.

Hi @Phil_Seeman and @Jan-Rienk, sorry to hear about this trouble with the new rules builder. I’ve tested here on my end and at first, the subtasks completion didn’t trigger the parent task’s completion. But then when I changed the option “Runs on tasks” to “Runs on tasks and subtasks” it worked normally. Can you confirm if this is also the case on your end?
Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 13.46.55

That said, I completely understand that this can cause some confusion, so I’ve filed a feedback for our Product team

Hi @Vanessa_N!

I’m afraid in my case, the rule still doesn’t run even when I have it set to “Runs on tasks and subtasks”. Here’s a Loom to demonstrate: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Hi @Phil_Seeman sorry, to clarify, I set up my rule with “When all subtasks are complete” as the trigger, then “Complete task” + “Move it to Section”, and this has worked.

After reviewing the screenshots again, I see that in both yours and Jan-Rienk’s examples the trigger is “Task completion”, which is causing conflicts and preventing the rule from running.

If I understand correctly, Jan-Rienk needs a rule that completes a task when all subtasks are marked as complete. Can you try and let me know if the rule set-up I used works on your end and if that fits the purpose in your workflow?

Here’s a full screenshot:

Thanks, this resolves it! I didn’t see that this was an option.

I did some more testing, and it seems that “when all subtask completion statuses are changed” isn’t really the trigger. “when all subtasks get the same completion status” would be a more accurate description of the trigger, for I can trigger the rule by marking one of two subtasks as complete, and then marking the same subtask as complete again.

So perhaps having these (separate) triggers would make more sense:

  • When a task is marked complete
  • When a task is marked incomplete
  • When all subtasks are marked complete
  • When all subtasks are marked incomplete

I didn’t notice any difference in behavour when switching between running on tasks only, and running on tasks & subtasks.

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Yes that works - thanks for illuminating that as the solution here!

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Glad to hear that worked! I’ve passed your feedback along to our Product team. This is a very recent launch, and we are taking into account every piece of feedback to make sure the feature is as clear as possible so our users can get the most out of it without hassle. :slight_smile:


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