Is it possible to force a user to complete a subtask before it can be reassigned?



Hi all, newbie here and looking for some tips when it comes to reassigning tasks and subtasks.

Say I have a project that contains three subtasks that are dependent on one another i.e subtask two cannot begin until subtask one is complete. Is there a way to force an assigned user to complete subtask one before it can be reassigned to another user to be checked?

Basically, we are trying out a new form that needs to be completed for each piece of new work -but it has become easy for some users to simply ignore this subtask and move onto the next. We want a way to ensure that this form must be completed before the next task can begin.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



@Daniel_Otway Welcome to the Asana and the Community… At present there is no way to force that type of workflow on a user or subtasks. A potential work around would be to use an Advanced Search to search for in complete tasks or a combination of Custom Fields and Advanced Search.

You might also want to have a look at creating a set of standards and expectations that are agreed by each team member and have self/team accountability to follow the agreed workflow/approach. There are some very good guides in the Asana Help with regards to onboarding teams…



Hi @Daniel_Otway and welcome to the forum :wave:t3:

To add to what @Jason_Woods already said, I woudl also recommend you to add your vote to this thread from our #productfeedback category.


In general in Asana I’d say that you can’t force anyone to do anything. There is no workflow (yet?), it is all open (except when it comes to permissions).