Is there a way that we can not tick off the main task until all th sub tasks have been ticked off?

I have an Asana project where I have many subtasks. However I find subtasks can be easily missed and then the person who uses this project just ticks off the main task without necessarily ticking off the subtasks. Is there a way that you cannot tick off the main task till all the subtasks have been ticked off and completed?


This has been asked already but I can’t get my hand on the thread :stuck_out_tongue: If no one find it, we will move your question into the Product Feedback category :wink:

yeah it would be good if you can find the thread! I did a quick look myself and couldn’t see. Or if you know an answer that would be good as well. thanks.

There is Mark all subtasks complete before allowing tasks to be marked complete that is related and If you complete a task, do the subtasks have to be completed OR will it auto complete them OR do they stay open? but not quite the same.

Anyway to answer your question: NO :stuck_out_tongue: subtasks status is completely unrelated to task status