Filter tasks by tag

This thread has been going on for almost 3 years… any actions except for hiding my post??

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Hi @Xandy, looks like your post was hidden by our anti-spam by accident, I have no w reactivated it. I do not have an update on this topic at the moment, but I’ve made a task to highlight this request to our team. I’ll make sure to keep you posted here if I get an update on my end!


3 years already, Trello is destroying you guys

Hi Asana team! What our current options to filter tasks in Board view?
Do we only have at the moment:
-Due date

Let’s assume that’s true. In that way, I could use temporarily the Department field to filter “Story: As a player, I want to kill the dragon”. I want to see all the relevant tasks to accomplish this story.

But if I hijack our Department field to filter stories in board view, does that carry across all our Asana projects? That is, in other projects my team will now see the strange Department “As a player, I want to kill the dragon”?

Or can I make this Department viewable only inside our gamedev board project?

This is extremely frustrating that this doesn’t exist. It’s almost singlehandedly the reason why I can’t regularly use Asana. If I’m using the product wrong and this is, in fact, not necessary, then please let me know! The advanced search filter does everything we’re talking about BUT it doesn’t show the Board (it just shows as a list of tasks), which is a deal breaker…


+100, big deal breaker here. Please add this functionality.

We don’t want to use a search. It’s not got the boards feature. We want to be in the board, and simply add a filter, similar to how we filter by custom dropdown fields.

This is not a good solution. The search view is bad. We want to use the boards view, but only see the tasks with a certain tag, just like how filter by custom dropdown field works.

Our current workaround is to add a custom dropdown field to every project. But that doesn’t work across all projects. And you can just select one option.

And if we’d use a shared custom field, then it would be unyieldly long.

Just allow us to add a filter by tag. How difficult could it be, vs. the immense value of having such a filter? (What’s the point of having tags if you can’t filter by them and the tags view being completely unusable due to its uncustomizable nature?)