Filter tasks by tag

HI can I second that filtering boards by Tag / Custom Field / Assignee would be fantasticly useful


Absolutely. Giving the users the ability to filter a board by tags and assignee is so important. That’s the one area where Trello has you beat hands down in this area and so does Teamwork. Not being able to filter cards makes life difficult. I want to visually see and filter my cards out.


That’s not really a solution - to utilise the board view, it would make a huge difference to be able to very quickly filter by a specific tag. Generally, there is scope to make boards an tremendous amount more useful by allowing quick filters from the ‘view:’ dropdown.


This would be an incredible feature for my team.

+1 Ability to filer boards by fields (assignee, label, field, etc.) is a critical feature for us. Otherwise big boards are too unwieldy to use for larger teams/projects. Thanks!

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Hi there,
Has any progress been made on this feature?
It would be very helpful to filter boards by tags, assignee etc…

Many thanks!


I would also love this feature!! The only thing that Trello does well if filtering whilst still in kanban view. If Asana did this it would be amazing, and I might be able to convince my agency to finally move over to Asana for all accounts/clients.

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I would also like to see a filter by tag and assignee feature in boards.


I noticed you added some more board filtering. Tags would be super awesome!


Agreed, I really think users should be able to filter boards via tags. It’s so much more flexible than being confined to Custom Fields. Trello does this really well.

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Yes, I agree too! It would be really useful.

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Second that!! I would be huge for our team. By now were using Trello just for that, while the all the other things are on Asana

Bridge24 for Asana allows to filter your tasks by tag. Using the left panel, you simply click a global tag name and it will display all tasks associated with that tag, for multiple projects. Give it a try it’s a cool feature :slight_smile:

This would be really helpful. the inability to filter by Tag is hindering


Super annoying that I can’t filter a board by tag. Seems like such a simple piece of functionality.


I agree! I just started working with a team that uses Asana. I’ve previously worked in Trello and GitHub projects, both which have that type of searching functionality.

Please add this functionality.

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    Please! Filter by tags in BOARD VIEW

100% need this feature. It was one of the first things I tried to do as I get started using Asana.

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I also really need this feature!