Filter Tasks In a Project By Tags?

Hi there,

I have added several tags to tasks for one of my projects. However I don’t see any quick way to filter this project by those tags; is there an easy way to do this?

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Hi @Rick5,
As it stands we don’t have a filter option for tags, but you should be able to achieve this with the Advanced Search.

Here is an example of a query I ran into one of my project for “Test 1” Tag:

Once you’ve run your search, you can save it in your Report to quickly access it later on. the Report will automatically update has you add this Tag to other tasks in this project.

Hope this helps!


@Rick5, In case it’s of help sometimes, you can also click on one of the tag pills, and then click again, to see a tag view for all tasks that have that tag, grouped by project. It’s not a filter because it broadens the view to potentially other projects, though if you’re only using that tag in the one project, it is essentially a much quicker way to filter than the advanced search (and available in the free version of Asana unlike Advanced Search).


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Search and “tag pills” it’s just a work around. Not a proper solution. I don’t understand why can’t we filter by Tags?

I need to be able to see all task with in a project, Group by task lists. Tag filter will be very useful. Where can we request the feature?


Here by moving that discussion to the Product feedback section, unless it already exists. @moderators will be able to help!

+1 for this feature. Have often wondered why it’s not just available in the list of filters within a project view.

Is it possible to sort “My Tasks” by tags? Project lists? This would be very helpful.

I meant to say “Filter” my tasks and projects lists

“My Tasks” does not have any filter at the moment, except incomplete/complete tasks

@Marie thanks for this, but seeing as we’re nearly 18 months on from this work around has a tags filter been developed yet?


Not yet, when it does, Asana will post an update here. The Advanced Search would be the solution in your case, with the search being saved as a report.

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For yet another workaround (until/if Asana changes), consider the filter-as-you-type feature in Asana2Go that would let you see specific tags of choice:


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