Being able to filter quickly by tag

I’m looking to move some boards from Trello to Asana as part of a company-wide migration and one frustration, for which I can’t seem to see an easy workaround, is the ability to filter by tag.
Ideally, the tags would be for one project only (not possible, but bearable) and it’s possible to filter by the tag for a specific project (super important). Is there any way to achieve this simply per chance?

An example use case:
We have over 400 tasks on a particular board, which includes a backlog.
There are certain priorities in any given time period e.g. improving margin, which relevant tasks are tagged with. I don’t want to have to manually go through all the tasks and would prefer a filtered view that allows me access to the 30 relevant tasks only from which to prioritise.
Our priorities may change on a 2 weekly cadence and this is a regular part of our meeting workflow.

Any help / advice is much appreciated. It seems such as a basic feature that I was quite surprised not to find it.

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