Feedback Form

Hello! I’m not sure if this is the right forum as i am new to Asana, but i work with Customer Feedback and i recently created a form so that i could enter feedback that we receive from our customers. Then be able to work on it and then export a report every fortnight to our managers.
Is this possible in Asana?
I have created the form, but i can’t seem to find out where i can enter the information into it and analyse/monitor the information within the form.
Any help would be great!

Once the form is submitted that creates a task. If you used custom fields for questions, that will fill the custom fields. And then you can export the project and analyse it. The only problem at the moment is that some questions will only be available inside the task description so you need to parse it to analyse it…


Thank you for your help!
I just tried it and found it worked but i don’t think its going to work for our business and the way i need to report my information :frowning:
I really didn’t want to continue using my old system, as i love Asana…
But i really need to be able to report on the info really well, so if there are open tasks i can export them out and all the information for each item is there for management to review.