Customer Satisfaction Survey

Now that 2022 is here, my team wants to create a customer satisfaction survey. They asked me to come up with a way to do this within Asana.

I was able to find a simple, but effective way to do so utilizing forms and rules.

Step 1: Create a section named “Survey Answers”
Step 2: Create a form with pertinent questions to your organization

This is a very basic survey, but your organization can ask as many questions as you’d like.

Step 3: Create Rules that move your form to your desired section. For this example, I only created rules to move the submitted forms to a “Survey Answers” section. The rules are as followed:

I hope this is helpful! Let me know if there are any ideas to enhance this workthrough.


Awesome tip! Thanks for sharing, @Mike_Tammaro :clap:


Excellent tip, @Mike_Tammaro!



But I don’t understand what purpose the rule and section serve, if it moves all tasks in the project to that section?

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I have been playing with forms. This seems overwhelming if you cannot sort out the information. Is there a way to show an overview of what the answers are to be more efficient?


This was catered toward my project which has multiple sections in it. For privacy purposes, I wasn’t able to display them, but each company utilizes Asana projects regarding sections and rules differently!

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Hi @Lord_Shilo,

I do not believe there are “right answers” when it comes to forms. Each organization can utilize them differently and in my situation, we require certain information for our surveys.

I have attached Asana’s instructions on forms to help you better understand them and their functionalities!

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Hi Mike.
Is there anyway I can chat with you about creating a survey? I am confused on how to add the rule to a survey. Thanks!

Hi Mike,

Thank you for sharing. It is very useful as I am going to apply this for my clients.