How have people been surveying adoption of Asana?

We onboarded to Asana a year ago and I wanted to develop a survey for employees to see how the adoption of the platform has gone. I’m having a little difficulty getting started and was wondering if anyone had examples they’d be willing to share?

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@Kayla_Bayens - following.

Our company implemented Asana before I came on board, but had low engagement. My first initiative as Product Manager was to encourage the department to adopt Asana as their main work platform by updating workflows, providing 1:1 guidance, and addressing the most glaring bottlenecks and pain points.

Currently, we have a mix of team members that enjoy working in Asana, some indifferent, and a few that are vocal of their dislike. I’ve worked to further organize and automate our projects and workflows over the last month, and am encouraged by the positive feedback I’ve heard. I’d like to have a formal relaunch of Asana since we’ve added to our team within the last year.

Our first step is to request each team member complete a survey to measure:

  1. current usage of the platform
  2. pain points & bottlenecks
  3. needs & wants
  4. level of confidence navigating Asana

I’ve not found examples of an Asana-specific survey yet, and am prepared to build our own. However, if another Asana Advocate has created a similar survey before, or suggests a different method to gather measurable data, I’d be very grateful to glean from your knowledge and experience!

HI @Kayla_Bayens:

A great way to conduct a survey is to utilize forms. You can create a project labeled “Asana Adoption Satisfaction Survey.”

Create a form that reflects the questions you desire and every submission will show up as a task to review answers!

I posted about the customer satisfaction survey a while back so I have provided the link to that post as well as everything to know about Forms.

I created a tool called Asana Pulse. It is for now private but will be officially release soon.

The tool goes through the entire Asana account all day every day and gathers intel about usage, best practices… and provides suggestions for improvement to the admin.

For example, the tool will tell you:

  • what features you are using, or aren’t using
  • do you have projects with outdated status updates, goals without dates, members without names, duplicate members…
  • how many overdue tasks each member has, when was their last created task…
  • and dozens and dozens other data points

Would that help?


“Asana Pulse” sounds super helpful! Right now I have a user survey built out and sent to the staff so that I can map out our Summer trainings on software and tools. Its a pretty basic survey but I can share it here if it would be helpful.

I’ve seen it; it’s very cool!

This would be incredibly helpful to our team as well!

As a PM, I’m always on the lookout for tools to measure and quantify. “Asana Pulse” sounds like it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to more accurately evaluate the success of the changes our team has made to our Asana workflows and best practices over the last year.

@Kayla_Bayens @Ashley-Fonville I can’t share about Pulse just yet publicly, but I can privately. Can you email me at
For everyone else, you can also email me, and in a few days/weeks I’ll officially launch.

That sounds like an amazing tool.

@Terry_Morrow I believe it is, and it keeps getting better. I shared with you privately a video of how it works.

Hey @Ashley-Fonville,

I find many similarities between your situation and mine.
I am looking to create a survey with basically the same goals and guide lines as yours.
May I ask, what did you end up doing? what survey did you use? and can you share it with me?

What I believe asana should be doing is that they should be providing us with a prebuilt survey with benchmarks, so that we can compare ourselves to other organizations similar to us, and get insights on how to improve. If everybody uses there own survey, nobody benefits from the the collective knowledge…

If anybody else has a survey they’ve used and are willing to share, please contact me.

Thank you,

I have a mailing list of 30k Asana users + a strong community around me I believe, if we build together a survey, I could promote it to my audience and share the results with everyone! @Itay_Kurgan how does that sound?

Sound great @Bastien_Siebman !
I will be happy to collaborate on this with you.
I truly believe this could benefit all party’s.

@Itay_Kurgan what kind of questions would be included? Happy to spin this off into a Slack or Asana to discuss further.

Sure, lets move this to slack/asana.
You have my email address

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