Examples of surveying users on their Asana experience?

Can anyone share an example of a survey of fellow employees that they’ve done that gathered feedback on Asana?

For background, our company launched Asana three years ago, and we’re looking to do a re-launch of sorts in early 2020. Our hypothesis is that teams that more consistently embrace Asana find project management easier and more successful. We’re looking for some survey designs that will produce data to bear that out. While we have our own question ideas, it can be difficult to ask questions that will be interpreted consistently across both teams that have embraced Asana and those that have used it only in fits and starts.



@Julien_RENAUD maybe you did such a thing yourself?

Hi @Bastien_Siebman, no I didn’t…

Hi @Wylie_Timmerman I am currently working on a similar initiative. Did you find anything helpful outside of this forum?

Asana Survey - Google Forms -edit.pdf (547.3 KB)
If it helps, here’s what we sent out to our company, feel free to steal any of this. This ended up working fairly well – we generated some simple charts from it and some pull-out quotes that we put into a short company presentation.


Thanks I am stealing this :slight_smile: :hugs:

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@Wylie_Timmerman - I appreciate the hidden humor. You’ve found your niche audience.

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You can thank one of my coworkers who tested the survey for the silly responses, hah!

I have a similar question, except I’m wondering if anyone has a template for the Asana pre/post survey provided in the onboarding checklist? Is there a way to distribute the survey using Asana forms?

@Brittany_Perrotte Here’s a sample of the one I created for my team training.