How can clients ask new requests on Asana ?


We are an agency and we have our clients in “comment only” on their projects

we need clients to be able to ask for new requests, but what is the best way to do this ?

we thought about creating a task “Clients requests” where they can comment with every new request they have

but what do you recommend for this ?

thank you

Hello @CharlesV, I recommend using Asana forms for this. More info here.

Is available for the plans Premium, Business, Enterprise. This way they could easily submit new requests without giving them edit access to your project/s.

If you need recommendations/ideas on what is the best way to work with external clients you can also find some helpful info here.


thank you i never tried forms

but on the other hand i would like to be able to easily find all requests history on a project client and be able to reply (like on a task discussion)

is that possible with forms ?

thank you

(by the way i saw this topic will close after 7 days, why ? i would like this topic to remain open in case anyone has some interesting comment even in 6 months :slight_smile: thank you)

Yes definitely. I recommend to read through the guide I shared which has all the information on how to create forms and how they work. Once somebody submits a request via a form a task is created in Asana and then you can comment, edit and everything else.
You can also set up rules that trigger only for tasks that are created via a form submission for example.

We usually close topics when a relevant answer/solution was posted, however people can still comment :slight_smile:

I also recommend to use the search function on the forum to find more ideas/tips shared by other users such as this or this and more.

I hope that helps

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Thank you, i will test it :slight_smile:

i wonder how other agencies deal with clients requests

do they all use asana forms ?

also how do i add link to the form, can i add a button “new form” or “new request” on the client project ? (rather than simply send the link by email)

thank you

forgot to ask too : how can i set that the automatic task created with a form goes to a specific task section ? thanks

One more question (sorry i cannot edit my posts above for some reason)

i noticed i dont receive any email notification when a client fills a new form (creating a task), how can i receive email notification ?

thank you

Many use forms yes, others give agencies access directly to the project. Depends on your preferred way. In the first response I shared a link to a post with different ways of dealing with clients.

You will be able to share the link to the form or you can also embed it on a website. And yes sure you can also create a task where you add the Asana form link.

You can create this via rules.

Best to check your notification settings in the project then:

Otherwise what you can do as well is trigger a comment via a rule.

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