Feature request: Starting date - Due date- easy calendar working flow


I have been started to use ASANA some years ago because our product design studio needed something in between of a project list and gant.

What I really would like to have is more then a due date, but also a Starting date to set up in every task and the possibility to choose which project should be shown on the team calender.

I know that Asana works with Instagantt…but istangantt is another program, with more features and we another fee…

Is not possible to have a real visible project flow over asana’s calendar with starting and finishing task dates?


Hi Marco,

Welcome to the community.

See this post: Start date and estimated hours

For a status on start date feature.



@Marco With that, I’ll merge your post into the main start date thread and close this thread. Feel free to refer to Start date and estimated hours for more info and also provide your vote at the top of the thread!


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